Epoch of Appearance - عصر الظهور ( ترجمة إنكليزية )

الأربعاء, 04 مايو 2016
Although Holy Quran is the eternal miracle of Prophet Mohammad and keep its up to date and current in any time and generation. One of his other miracles beside holy Quran is the news of the humans living and future and pathway of Islam, until the return of promised Islam. Era that God will returns and expressed his faith and religions against desires of all unbelievers and idolaters. This era appearance of Islam which is the subject of this book, is the also the era appearance of Imam Mahdi (AS) and there is Difference between the two, the story of hundreds of good tidings which was made by prophet (PBUH) and story which was mentioned by his companions, there was no differences between these two eras.